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The Creative Process of Journaling

Wabi Sabi Journals
I recently came across an article in the Huffington Post regarding the benefits of journaling, and how it can lead to a more productive and better life. It reminds me of "The Artists Way" by Julia Cameron, and if you aren't familiar with her work, I highly recommend her books and website. My sister gave me her book and workbook and I truly believe her process of journaling allowed me to reconnect and develop my creativity again. 
I find when I journal I am allowing myself to empty my mind of extraneous, mundane thoughts that clutter and distract me. I know we all have things to do and to be honest, life can get overwhelming (running my business, as well as design and market, etc... with all the details in-between is a huge challenge for me). Journaling is great for personal thoughts and planning as well as documenting the deep thoughts you have about gratitude, your hopes, fears and dreams.
I had come through a rough patch and creatively was stifled and felt unanchored - a ship adrift and floating, not centered. I was able to break through with a habit of journaling and found inspiration to bring my designs from thoughts to action. I feel that journals are a natural extension of how to display my textiles, but it is also a lovely tool for unleashing your creativity. I will leave it up to you if ultimately designing journals was a coincidence or not! 
If you are interested, please check out The Artist's Way, and find inspiration here:

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