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Announcing my new shop, Adrienne Wong Art + Design

Hello! This labor of love has been a long time coming - developing, discovering and implementing. It feels good to have a direction and I like what I've created. The way we buy online has changed, and this is my opportunity to show you my new work and have an online shop. I hope to have the pillows in-store soon (find shops), but for now I make them made-to-order or will be making small batches to minimize waste and overages. I'm really loving my Wabi Sabi aesthetic and have really enjoyed exploring my wet and dry technique.

My pillows are reflective of my print ideas. I have been a printmaker since art school, and I studied it with my letterpress and design classes. Love the immediacy, the bold forms and the imperfections of scratches, paper showing through and rough edges. I like the watercolor aspects of the prints- I wet the paper and let the subtle nuances come through. I enjoy printing and then developing them into repeats- that's where my design kicks in. Repeats are fun and need some strategy on building the graphic into something you can color, layer and scale into a textile. 

I have taken some time in researching methods and production, and I am happy to say I found sources which had sustainable practices. The linen / cotton fabric is from a very fine Belgian source using a carbon neutral mill. It is certified GOT Organic (Global Organic Textile Standard) and I use it exclusively in this first collection. The printing is digital- which was important, as the watery effects of my designs have subtle details, and which traditional silkscreen wouldn't capture. The printers are here in the US, with a family owned business. So I feel good to initially make the pillows made to order and nearby for ease of shipping.

I also wanted to eliminate animal products. No feather down inserts, as I think they can be allergy prone. I found a hypoallergenic insert, which simulates the softness of down called "Micro Denier" - a polyester fiber that is fine and ultra soft. The insert itself is covered in a poly-cotton (also hypoallergenic) and the whole thing is machine washable. My journals are covered with my fabrics using a vegetable glue, and the book board is recycled paper board.

More to come as I jump back into the mix of art, design and commerce. Drop me a line or check me out on social media!

Looking forward to new beginnings - Adrienne

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