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Great show, new beginnings

Wabi sabi show image

What a great experience to bring my shop to NY NOW this week. It was a lot of work to create a 3D experience of my products, but so good to see it pulled together. Took us 3 days of set up, 4 days of promoting and 4 hours of breaking down. How is that possible? It takes 3 times as long to present your vision to the world and 1/4 of the time to destroy it all. There is a metaphor in there, but I'm too tired to figure it out...

Wabi sabi is more than a philosophy, it is a state of mind. I was able to reflect on this during the show, and as I enjoyed the energy and met new people, I had to flow with the moment, engage in the present, and allow the process of defining my work to be open to interpretation. I had many different shops, galleries and editors remark on my work and how it moves them. Fascinating in what people can find and see in my products. I had a front row seat to a major retailer I used to admire, and was able to compare how much I had changed in my work. The comparison was reassuring to me, as it was evident in my growth and my current state of mind. My little corner was a bit of calm among the storm and people stopped to feel the moment. 

I am pleased to say I met the nicest people, and the media interest was very strong, so a big THANK YOU to all have stopped by. The support was wonderful, the feedback so promising. I will be in touch and looking forward to continuing our conversations. There are some new and exciting things coming this year and I will keep you posted. Sit tight, the ride has just begun!

Much love, Adrienne

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