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Shibori in all it's glory - start to finish

Shibori detail

It's been a while since I posted, and since then I have run out of indigo dyed items and need more for the shop. Been experimenting with stitching this time, and looking forward to developing more patterns. The beauty of this - and a common thread of my work - is that you can't really predict what the outcome is. I love that you can effect some possible "looks", like pleats and shapes, but the true potential of a piece is kind of random. The nature of discovery is very wabi sabi, which I love. I have seen much more controlled stitching and gathering, but that isn't of interest to me. I like the surprise. And I think the simpler the better and more modern.

I am documenting my process as I go and will show you the steps as I continue developing my patterns and pieces. I love that these are one-of-a-kind and while I might bind and make 2 of the same for a matching set, they really are hand dyed and made with love. Also in my apartment - a new set up for small spaces and minimal mess, or so I hope! Stay tuned!

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