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Shibori Kitchen Towels are back!

We have Shibori kitchen towels back in stock! As I posted earlier, I tried the stitching technique, which I found was very rewarding, but super time consuming and kind of hard on the fabric. I prefer the binding technique which has more opportunity for dipping and deepening the indigo with more graphic results.

I also tried varying degrees of long dips, shorter oxidation, versus shorter, many dips and longer oxidations, yielding different results. For example, I had an overnight oxidation for my table cloth, which was really good. Just as good as the other towels, which had more dips and less oxidation. All the pieces for sale have at minimum 6 - 10 dips with long oxidations. All pieces are pre-washed and are fixed. However I would always recommend to wash with darks just in case of transfer. I have never had any problems and my towels have lasted years with little fade, but I add this disclaimer.

My experience is just allowing my process more intuition as I experiment more and hope you like the results like I do.

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