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Shibori Kitchen Towels are back!

We have Shibori kitchen towels back in stock! As I posted earlier, I tried the stitching technique, which I found was very rewarding, but super time consuming and kind of hard on the fabric. I prefer the binding technique which has more opportunity for dipping and deepening the indigo with more graphic results. I also tried varying degrees of long dips, shorter oxidation, versus shorter, many dips and longer oxidations, yielding different results. For example, I had an overnight oxidation for my table cloth, which was really good. Just as good as the other towels, which had more dips and less oxidation. All the pieces for sale have at minimum 6 - 10 dips with long oxidations. All pieces are...

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Swatches are in for the trade!

I have been wanting to bring swatches to the shop for a long time because they are really a great tool for pulling together your projects. It's difficult to make them individually available for others as the pillows are made to order, and swatches are made in sets. I made the swatches for the trade as it's a great tool for your material library. Especially useful if you are considering purchasing yardage, which you can make your own curtains or upholster your own furniture projects. Trade commissions need a resale number and then qualify for a 15% discount. All pillows have matching swatches and are available for yardage. If you are not in the trade and want to consider purchasing yardage, please reach...

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Shibori - The beginning of stitching

Shibori is an art form that I have been exploring, and as a dye technique it is not as predictable as it could be as a pattern. Shown above is a pattern I made from digitally scanning forms and layering in Photoshop. It still needs work- I think it needs more scale differences to make it really interesting. I also love that shibori and tie dye is still with us as a trend and I think it really works with my wabi sabi attitude and textiles. I am working on my pattern work as a a textile designer, and have a website and Instagram page @formsandpatterns if you are interested in working with me for licensing and custom patterns....

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Shibori in all it's glory - start to finish

It's been a while since I posted, and since then I have run out of indigo dyed items and need more for the shop. Been experimenting with stitching this time, and looking forward to developing more patterns. The beauty of this - and a common thread of my work - is that you can't really predict what the outcome is. I love that you can effect some possible "looks", like pleats and shapes, but the true potential of a piece is kind of random. The nature of discovery is very wabi sabi, which I love. I have seen much more controlled stitching and gathering, but that isn't of interest to me. I like the surprise. And I think the simpler the better...

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Pouch Power

Happy New Year 2018! Wasn't 2017 a crazy year? It was also fast moving and before I knew it I realized I haven't posted anything in over a year. Well, good things to talk about - a new collection and plans to offer fabric swatches. New pouches for all your goodies, to organize your portable life. I love mine for my crystals - my power pouch for when I need a little extra help on the go. What will go in your pouch?

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