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Shibori Love

I'm a little mad for Shibori. I can't help it. The process of folding and dyeing, and then seeing the patterns develop are exciting and super addictive. I am learning some new techniques while also using indigo dye, which is kind of a beast. Really messy, lots of water and dye everywhere, but the end result is extremely satisfying. I hope you enjoy the variety of patterns, which are currently only on journals and tea towels so far. I'm having a blast working through developing my process and colors. More to come!

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Check out the new pillow arrivals on One Kings Lane!

What a nice way to start the week! One Kings Lane is having a pillow centric moment on their site, and look who made the pile. I love the shot- it is so inviting, and it inspires me to work on a pile (or two) of my own. I love lifestyle imagery- it is more about taking a dream and making it a reality. It's wonderful to be in the mix on One Kings Lane, they are such a beautiful decor destination and I'm so happy to be invited to the party!

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Spring coverage in April issue of Vogue

I am really excited about our coverage in the April issue of Vogue magazine. Such an honor to be included in their "People are talking about" section. It feels good to see my babies on the page. They are really some of my favorite patterns- I love the feather, and I have a green version coming up in the shop. I am also fond of the Bubbly Chevron shown in greens and daffodil, which was really fun drawing all of those little blobs in pen and ink. I have been developing some new color ways using these patterns, so I'll keep you posted in the shop for new colors and styles. Thank you Vogue!

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Visit us on One Kings Lane!

Really excited to be included for the Spring round up on One Kings Lane! I've had a crush on them for years now- I always enjoy looking at their website and dreaming of lovely things and read about their tastemakers, drool over their curated environments and see what's up and coming. Please take a look here at the story:

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Throwback Thursday - Type Thoughts!

Hey there! This blog covers my various thoughts and experiences as they pertain to my work and life. I hope it provides some insight as a designer / maker and all things filtered through this lens. Today I was reading the AIGA newsletter, as the morning coffee was kicking in, and was struck by this new typeface that mixes old style forms with a new modern attitude. As a lover of ornament, old and charming typography, it made me connect with my roots as a graphic designer. My love of type has always been strong- I was trained in graphic design and love creating logos and branding identities. Really enjoyed reading this and check it out:

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