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Great show, new beginnings

What a great experience to bring my shop to NY NOW this week. It was a lot of work to create a 3D experience of my products, but so good to see it pulled together. Took us 3 days of set up, 4 days of promoting and 4 hours of breaking down. How is that possible? It takes 3 times as long to present your vision to the world and 1/4 of the time to destroy it all. There is a metaphor in there, but I'm too tired to figure it out... Wabi sabi is more than a philosophy, it is a state of mind. I was able to reflect on this during the show, and as I enjoyed the energy and met new people, I...

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Going to NY Now Winter 2016 @ Javits Center NYC

  Happy belated New Year! I am getting excited for the show - which is starting next week. Installation begins on Thursday, and the show starts on Sunday. Hard to think straight through all the details, but plowing through (I'm stuck on the snow puns, I can't help myself!) and getting all my things together. I can't wait to show you my designs and products and hope to see and meet all of you. I also welcome the interior design/trade and I'm offering discounts through the show week. Looks for us in the front aisle, in Accent on Design, booth #3901 and come say "Hi". I'll be there Sun Jan 31- Feb 3. See you there!

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Announcing my new shop, Adrienne Wong Art + Design

Hello! This labor of love has been a long time coming - developing, discovering and implementing. It feels good to have a direction and I like what I've created. The way we buy online has changed, and this is my opportunity to show you my new work and have an online shop. I hope to have the pillows in-store soon (find shops), but for now I make them made-to-order or will be making small batches to minimize waste and overages. I'm really loving my Wabi Sabi aesthetic and have really enjoyed exploring my wet and dry technique. My pillows are reflective of my print ideas. I have been a printmaker since art school, and I studied it with my letterpress and design classes. Love...

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